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Bookings for the huts of the Icelandic Glaciological Society, and access to the hut keys, are handled by Vilhjálmur Kjartansson: „jorfiskalar (at)“. The current booking status for the huts can be seen in the calendar at the bottom of this page. Bookings are made by filling out and sending the form below, but further inqueries can be sent with the same form or to the e-mail address above.

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Following is the price for overnight stay in the huts of the society. It gives the price per person, per night, and is valid for the year 2019. Prices are updated in January every year.

MembersNot membersSpace for   Grímsfjall3.500,-5.000,-30-34Jökulheimar3.000,-4.500,-40-48Esjufjöll3.000,-4.500,-12Other huts2.000,-3.500,-12

When booking it important to give the name of who is booking, address and number of guests. Information regarding how to pay will be sent as an reply to the booking inquiry.

Information regarding access to the huts will be sent when confirmation of payment has been received, but is also available from following contact persons:

Vilhjálmur………..s:863 9991
Ragnar……………s:694 1500
Sverrir…………..s:892 4985

Booking calendar